7 Common Things People Forget During a House Move
woman looking stressed while sitting on a cardboard box

7 Common Things People Forget During a House Move

Apr 27, 2018 Imagine dropping a carton filled with expensive glassware on the ground while moving or not being able to fit your furniture into the truck after other possessions have been stuffed into it. Getting stuck in a situation like this is awful. However, this scenario is not uncommon as people keep moving now and then, and do not anticipate the workload, effort, research and planning it involves. There are always last-minute hiccups that make them lag behind the schedule or make the whole process a harrowing experience. The wear and tear of valuable possessions, scratches and bruises on arms and legs, and scraping off the wall paint – all add up to the woes of moving out. Thus it is always a better idea to get help from the best furniture removalists in Sunshine Coast to avoid such mishaps and enjoy a stress-free and smooth transition. People usually move when they get a new job or when they have found a bigger and better property. In their hurry to vacate the current premises, they usually end up forgetting a few essential things. Here are the seven common things that tenants tend to miss out on while leaving the house.

1. Collect all the belongings

The most basic thing to consider is not to leave anything behind. Make a checklist of all the items that need to be shifted and also those which are not required anymore, thus you should start to de-clutter before the move. Some people arrange a garage sale to make quick money by selling the old stuff, while others pass it on to their friends and relatives. An important thing to note here is that one must be aware of the dimensions of the new place. If the bulky furniture cannot make it through the door of the living room, there’s no point in dragging it all the way only to be left in the lurch later. Once the list of items has been made, add the things that need to be collected from or returned to the service providers like clothes from the dry cleaners, shoes from the repair shop, books to the library, rented DVDs to the music shop etc. This way it is impossible to leave anything behind.

2. Pack fragile items carefully

All of us have some luxurious decorative pieces and antiques which we cherish from the heart and classy chinaware that we use to entertain our guests at home. Just the thought of scratches on them can make one uneasy. That is why the delicate objects must be packed separately. First secure them in a bubble wrap, then fill up the bottom of the cardboard box with newspaper, place them inside, and put more newspaper on top. Make sure the breakable items don’t have any space to move around or roll over one another inside the box. Label the box as fragile and move it with utmost care. The professional removalists like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast are a pro at packing such materials and ensure zero damage.

3. Get coloured paper for packing

It is rational to get a big number of cardboard boxes, tape and markers for packing up all the possessions. However, the common thing that people forget is getting coloured paper to label boxes. Assign one colour to each room and then paste the same colour labels to pack stuff from those rooms. This makes it easy to identify what object goes where in the new house. Also, put the labels on both sides of the box so that you don’t have to turnover heavy items to check the description.

4. Packing a survival kit

When people move, they just pack everything up and forget to keep their essentials handy that would help them to survive for a day or two without unpacking. Create an open-me-first bag which should have the mobile chargers, toiletries, toilet paper, snacks for the kids, dog food, towel, torch, medications, scissors and screwdriver. There should be good amount of cash in the pocket as well so that food can be ordered from a nearby place as there will be no cooking.

5. Parking space

While moving, it is imperative to know about the parking space available next to the house in Sunshine Coast. The new residence should have enough vacant area to get a truck parked or it would be too troublesome to carry all the furniture from a distance to the house. This can literally prove to be backbreaking and would need professional assistance.

6. Switch on the utilities

It would be extremely problematic to unpack in the dark. Make sure to check with the landlord to get the electricity switched on before you arrive. Also, don’t forget to inform the utility suppliers in Sunshine Coast of the property you are vacating.

7. Reducing the anxiety

Kids can get anxious while moving, so making them feel comfortable is a vital task of the day. Begin talking to them a few days prior to the move and make them feel relaxed and settled about the situation.

End Note

Moving can be exhausting for each member of the family with all the packing, loading, transferring, unpacking involved. The pressure of getting everything moved safely can become too much to handle. However, you can make it a less tiresome and anxious task by hiring professionals like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast, who provide high-quality, damage-free and on-time service. They arrange for everything like packing solutions, insurance, trucks, and storage facilities if required. Contact them to make relocating a hassle-free experience.