6 Unexpected Moving Costs To Consider
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6 Unexpected Moving Costs To Consider

May 30, 2019 It is no secret that moving can drain your budget faster than you can ever imagine! People usually draft a financial plan before the relocation. However, they often overlook the hidden and uncommon costs which hurt the most. Thus, it is essential to do your research properly and analyse all the possible expenses, so that you can be aware of all the moving costs. Hiring professional and trustworthy removalists in Sunshine Coast is quite common when you are planning to move. However, a mistake that most people make is that they entrust all the responsibilities to the removalists and neglect the significance of their involvement in the entire process. Thus they end up paying unnecessary charges. Here is a list of some unexpected moving costs that you can easily avoid by thinking smart.

1. Deduction In The Security Deposit

Not every tenant is lucky enough to get the entire rental bond back. However, they do not think about this possibility when they live in a rental property. People often do not realise that when they use a drill machine on the wall, neglect the cleaning of the carpets, do not pay the rent on time or skip the utility charges, they give every opportunity to the landlord to deduct a hefty amount from the security deposit. Thus, it is vital that you maintain the rental property as effectively as you can.

2. Hiring Inexpensive Removalists Can Be A Costly Mistake

When people look for removal companies on Sunshine Coast, they often opt for cheap removalists to save money and this is where they make their biggest mistake. They do not realise that if a company is giving a lot of discount or is offering a lower price, it means that their removalists are not experienced and skilled. And you are most likely to get your expensive furniture, appliances and delicate items damaged by hiring such untrained professionals. Reputed removal companies charge a good amount for a reason. Their teams are experienced and help you reduce the stress of the move. They make sure that your belongings are properly packed and safely moved. So, do not hesitate if you have to spend a few hundred dollars to hire the best Sunshine Coast removal company.

3. Cheap Packing Supplies Can Increase Your Expenses

If you think that by compromising on the packing supplies you can save money, you are making a big mistake. Even if you have a tight budget, make sure that you are purchasing appropriate and good quality supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap. These may look basic and small items, but have a great significance in the moving procedure. Do not forget that if the quality of the packing material is good, all the items, especially the expensive and delicate ones, will get better protection.

4. The Extra Charges For Stairs

If you have moved to a place which is at the first or second floor and there is no elevator, you are most likely to pay some extra charges for moving your stuff upstairs. Numerous Australian removal companies charge an additional amount for carrying the belongings through a stairwell. Also, if the elevator is not working on the particular day of your relocation, be ready to pay an additional amount to the removalists. Thus, visit your new place and make sure the elevator is working properly before finalising your moving checklist and budget.

5. The Emergency Hotel Stay

Long distance relocation usually gets finished within a day, but everyone is not that lucky. If things are not appropriately planned, strategies are not executed correctly, or some unfortunate event occurs like a car breakdown or there is some health issue, you might end up staying in a hotel for a night. Also, if you reach your destination late at night, you might not like to sleep on the floor and look for a hotel nearby.

6. Move Cancellation Charges

You can postpone your relocation plans or wish to go with another moving company, but this move is most likely to cost you some extra money. Every moving company in Australia have a cancellation policy so the amount that will be deducted may vary from one organisation to another. Thus, it is crucial for you to do proper research about all the removal companies in Sunshine Coast and fix a specific date for moving. Also, read the terms and conditions before you finalise the company. By doing all this, you might save some unexpected moving cost.


We all know that the hidden costs and the moving process are connected, so you cannot eliminate the possibility of paying extra, but you can make a better budget plan where you can keep some amount for these types of expenses. In a moving process, there are too many segments where you need to focus. Thus, you are most likely to pay some extra money at some point. The charges mentioned above are those costs which people often ignore. So keep these points in mind if you are making a budget for moving.