6 Things To Do With Packing Boxes After Your Move
young couple inside of a house with some cardboard boxes

6 Things To Do With Packing Boxes After Your Move

Dec 10, 2018 Once you are done with unpacking, you start thinking about the boxes scattered around your new home. People purchase many boxes to move, but when the job is done, they face the dilemma of whether to sell them or use them. The problem is that there are way too many boxes and you cannot use all of them. Throwing them away will be undoubtedly the quickest way to get rid of them, but it will be a total wastage for you, and it will not be an environment-friendly step. And you don’t want to do that! Getting boxes on rental basis from your professional removalist in Sunshine Coast can solve this problem, but what if you have purchased them? In this post, we will help you find out some easy way to get rid of the boxes after your move. Let’s explore the ideas one by one.

1. Keep it for the future move

It is perhaps the most logical view to keep the boxes until your next move. But that makes sense only if you are planning to move out within a year or so. Otherwise, the quality of the boxes will not remain the same. If you want to avoid such a situation, contact the best removalists in Sunshine Coast and get customised boxes on a rental basis to keep your belonging safe. They collect back the boxes after your move and thus help you reduce waste and have an eco-friendly move.

2. Keep it for storage and other purposes

After unpacking, you may find a few things in your new house in Sunshine Coast that you would not be using anytime soon. So it is essential to keep them safe. Go for the boxes with minimum wear-and-tear. A couple of sturdy and clean boxes can store all of your belongings safely. You can use them to protect your floor during a paint job, changing the car oil and so on.

3. Keep it for DIY kids’ projects

There are also different ways to use your boxes to entertain your kids. Make cardboard castles using different materials and let them enjoy. You can also make playhouse or dollhouse for them. Various videos are available on the internet that shows different ways to create a design and build an alien robot or a knight outfit for your kids. Apart from kids, you can also use the boxes as pet beds.

4. Donate to charity

If you don’t want to use the boxes and even not interested in selling them, giving away to charity in Sunshine Coast is perhaps the best option. Look for local schools, libraries, food banks, community centres, churches and other nonprofit organisations in Sunshine Coast. They often look for things like boxes for different purposes. If you want to make some contribution towards the society, you may need to invest some time and make efforts to make a few phone calls. Also contact your neighbours, friends and relatives to find such organisations.

5. Sell the used boxes

You can use a few boxes as per your requirement, but what about the rest? Try to sell them to the companies that specialise in buying and vending boxes. Noticeboards in local shops, advertisement in newspapers and magazines, social media groups are ideal places to contact the buyers. But this can be a hectic procedure, and you might not get the amount you are looking for. So, it is advisable to get the boxes on rent. Contact removalists in Sunshine Coast who offer customised boxes at a nominal charge and collect them back once you are done with your moving process. This is the quickest and the easiest solution to get rid of packing boxes after a move.

6. Give away to friends or neighbours

If any of your friend or relative in Sunshine Coast planning for a move, offer them the boxes at free of cost. You can create a post on your preferred social media network so that they can quickly get back to you. The excellent way to get rid of the boxes fast is to offer them to your neighbours. In case you have moved to an apartment building, contact the property manager and inform them that you have sturdy and clean boxes you are willing to give for absolutely free. This will not only help you to get rid of the boxes but also improve your social presence.


The ways as mentioned above are the best things to do with your empty boxes after your move. There are many more creative ways to get rid of your empty boxes, but all those ways need your time and efforts. Keeping in mind that you are at a new place and need to focus on how to get back with your regular life, it won’t be easy for you to give you time. So, it is always advisable to contact a reliable removals company like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast and use their customised boxes. Keep it simple and stay away from unnecessary stress.