6 Reasons You Should Hire Furniture Removalists In Sunshine Coast Than Moving Yourself
professionals loading a heavy couch into a van

6 Reasons You Should Hire Furniture Removalists In Sunshine Coast Than Moving Yourself

Jan 07, 2020 Should you hire furniture removalists or plan a DIY move? This dilemma is common among people who are preparing to relocate. Moving furniture is unlike moving any other content of your property. It requires careful planning, strength, proper technique, and the right tools. Unless you are experienced at lifting or shifting furniture, your chances of injuring yourself are substantial. You can sustain severe damage to your limbs, joints, extremities, and spinal area. According to a report by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), about 50 Australians weekly get injured due to toppling furniture. It is a real concern when you try to manage a move alone. Therefore, it is wise to take the assistance of affordable furniture removalists who perform removals in Sunshine Coast. Here are 6 reasons why you should hire a furniture removals company than moving yourself.

Removalists Offer Valuation Coverage & Zero Damage Guarantee

Reputed removals companies in Sunshine Coast are required to take the utmost care with your belongings as per the fair trading guidelines by Queensland Government. Hence, they provide valuation coverage & zero damage guarantee. According to the contract policies which you sign with a company, your damaged item will be repaired, or you will get its fair- market value amount. For example, if your three-year-old sofa gets damaged, the company will get it repaired or reimburse the present market cost of the used sofa. Note: Removals companies legally cannot sell moving insurance. They can guide you to obtain one via a third-party insurance provider. If you choose to purchase moving insurance, it will be a contract between you and the insurance providing company, not the moving company.

Avoid Getting Injured While Moving Furniture

Moving furniture requires strength and the right techniques. Your chances of getting injured while packing or relocating furniture increase when you do it yourself. Without proper equipment and knowledge of appropriate methods, you can develop musculoskeletal disorders which result from damage to ligaments/ muscles/ joints. You can get these disorders by injuring your body’s supporting structures such as neck, back, arms, and legs. In addition, you can get painful cuts or scrapes on hands, feet, knees and ankles. Therefore, it is best to hire professionals who perform furniture removals in Sunshine Coast to help you avoid visits to the hospital.

Save Time and Energy For Other Moving Tasks

One of the major reasons why it is better to hire experts is to help you save time and energy that you can employ for some other moving-related task. Hiring a reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast who can move your furniture and other property content can help you complete some of the following tasks, among others.
  • Decluttering your house
  • Packing other belongings
  • Paying attention and comfort your kids/pets during the moving process
  • Completing moving-related formalities with the property owner or realtor
  • Perform end of lease cleaning
  • Taking care of procedures for discontinuation or transfer of utilities and subscriptions
  • Updating your address
  • Finding schools, colleges, and other facilities near the new house if you have children

Avoid Damaging Furniture

You have to be cautious while moving furniture to avoid irreparable damage to it. When doing it yourself, your inexperience can cause you to incur huge costs. It is one of the reasons why hiring professionals from reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast is recommended. The professionals can carry or slide furniture with the right equipment and technique. Their methods are efficient and secure. They have years of experience that helps them pack and move furniture without scraps, dents, and chips. They can disassemble and assemble furniture for smooth movement and transportation as well. In case you are doing it yourself, then arrange all the necessary packaging materials, such as bubble wraps, plastic stretch wraps. Corrugated cardboard sheets, sofa and mattress covers, sealable plastic bags and also invest in furniture sliders to protect the floor as well as your expensive furniture such as upholstery sofa or dressing table. This will also prevent back injuries and make a lifting or moving job a bit easier. You can ask your family member of friends to assist you voluntarily. All you need to ensure that you move your furniture in such a manner that can prevent it from potential damages and give you peace of mind.

Experts Have Experience

Why is it best to let professionals move your furniture? It is because they have experience. Expert furniture removalists have trained to pack and move a variety of property contents. Besides, the practical exposure they have makes them efficient. They are aware of how to move different types of furniture. They can dismantle parts of furniture before the move and reassemble after the move without misplacement or damages. The experience of removalists enables them to lift or slide furniture for loading from any area or room. Also, they are not daunted by moving furniture from any level of a structure.

Hiring Experts is a Wise Financial Decision

Hiring reputed furniture removalists in Sunshine Coast is not cheap. However, considering the long term benefits, it is better to hire professionals than to move furniture yourself. By taking the assistance of professionals, you can stop the following financially draining situations from becoming a reality.
  • Getting injured and having to pay for the treatments. You can sustain short or long term physical injuries or disorders.
  • If your furniture gets damaged during disassembling or shifting, you have to pay for the repair costs. Some costs may be easy to cover. If your furniture is damaged beyond repair, you will have to shell out money for new articles, which will not be cheap.

A Word of Advice

Want to ensure your furniture is moved without any damage? Hire a removals company in Sunshine Coast that is a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). The organisation only recognises companies that have the required equipment, trained staff, vehicles, and premises to manage furniture moving professionally. Also, these companies have to uphold the standards of AFRA and abide by the rules & regulations of the organisation. You can search for these removalists on the organisation’s website. The companies affiliated with AFRA offer services for local/interstate/international moves, packing & unpacking, and storage.

Wrapping Up

Moving out is already stressful without taking on the physically exhausting task of shifting furniture. It is best to hire a company that offers solutions for removals in Sunshine Coast. Professional removalists can help you have stress-free Furniture Removals in Sunshine Coast and save time and energy that you can utilise for completing other moving-related tasks. In addition, by hiring them, you can avoid getting injured. Ensure you book your favoured removalists 15-30 days prior to the moving day to get the best quotes.