5 Reasons For Families To Move To Sunshine Coast
beautiful view of sunshine coast city QLD

5 Reasons For Families To Move To Sunshine Coast

Sep 12, 2019 Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular vacation spots for people living in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The things that attract leisure-seekers are its beautiful weather, a relaxed lifestyle and mesmerising beaches. Over the years, people have come to realise that this place is not only good for holidaying but is also an excellent choice to settle down. All you need to do is find out about the job opportunities, educational institutions and the most suitable suburb to move. You can rely on a removals company in Sunshine Coast to make the relocation a smooth transition. Also, the professionals will let you focus on other important aspects while moving. Although the job opportunities and salaries are not as good as Sydney, your family can get a much better and relaxed lifestyle in this one of the best tourist destination of Australia. Moreover, the expenses are on the lower side when compared to any other metropolitan city. Here are the top five reasons why families should move to this blissful region. Have a look!

1. The Quality of Education Is Excellent

When it comes to education for kids, this place has a wide range of options for all ages. Whether you have kids who are starting school, teenagers looking for the topmost high schools, or anyone else looking for professional education, it is all available in this part of the country. All over the region, there is an adequate supply of primary as well as secondary schools in both the private and public sector. The University Of Sunshine Coast is one of the newest universities that has all types of courses with the best possible facilities. From business, IT, international studies, medical and health science to environmental studies, criminology, science and engineering, there are infinite options for students. Being a parent, if you want to provide quality education to your children, this is one of the best places where you should move without any second thoughts. Choosing the right subject or getting admission can be a little challenging, particularly if you want to do it immediately. In such a scenario, you should go for professional assistance for safe removals in Sunshine Coast to save time and effort spent in the moving process.

2. Job Market Is Stable and Expected To Grow

The job market here might not be as big as Sydney, but it is considered as a stable market, and with each passing year, the opportunities are only rising. Numerous investments have been made in this part of the country, which is increasing the requirement of the workforce in various segments. Factors like accessibility to markets and competitive business environment are further contributing to the demand of people for the right position. Maroochydore’s new city centre is a ground-breaking city-making project, which will make this region as one of Australia’s and Queensland’s best-performing regional economies. This will create a lot of job opportunities. The airport expansion project is another ongoing development, which will require a lot of workforce soon. With the inauguration of the Sunshine Coast hospital in 2017, thousands of new job opportunities have developed. It not only allowed people from the healthcare sector to get jobs, but also helped people to get into administrative roles and support staff.

3. It Has Some of the Most Clean and Beautiful Beaches in Australia

The beaches and surroundings are wonderful, balanced and have a lot to offer. If you live with your family in a place that doesn’t have a lot of beaches, this can be a tempting place to move and settle down. In comparison to beaches in other places, the beaches here are not only beautiful but also far more protected and family-friendly. The connectivity of all the places is also something that will grab your attention. Even the furthest parts of this region are hardly thirty minute’s drive from the beach. Moreover, most of the major suburbs have easy accessibility from some spectacular stretches of sand. Beaches such as Noosa (voted as one of the top beaches in Australia), Mooloolaba Beach, Caloundra, are some brilliant examples of beautiful and relaxing beachfront options and they are all usually in immaculate and litter-free condition. If it’s not the peak season, you won’t find many people on the beaches, which allows you to take a walk or spend some time on the beach with your family. Moreover, the number of high-rises is not on the higher side, which means much more open spaces and not enough large shadows to obstruct the sunshine.

4. Weather Is Excellent In This Part of the Country

This place offers its people a largely pleasant weather. This is one of the main reasons why people like to visit this place or want to move and settle here. If you plan to move during bad weather, opt for experienced removalists in Sunshine Coast. With almost 300 days of sunshine annually, this place has one of the highest sunshine ratings in the world. Between the summer and winter seasons, the temperature usually fluctuates, otherwise it is quite stable throughout the year. The sky remains clear throughout the year and is not particularly restricted by any particular season. When storms occur, they usually happen late in the afternoon or evening and make sure the place is free from drought. This also ensures that the daytime gets enough sunshine owing to which the region gets its name.

5. Numerous Places to Spend Quality Time with Family

This region has various attractions where you can spend quality time with your family. All these places allow you to make your bond with your spouse and kids stronger. Moreover, it also gives the much needed break from the monotonous lifestyle – be it household chores, office work, or classes and assignments. If you move to this place, you will be able to visit the following locations. Amusement Parks and Theme parks You cannot ask for a better place, keeping in mind the interest of the kids. From kids, teenagers to adults, everyone loves such places. Your kids can get involved in many fun activities, such as trampoline, laser tag games, ski facility, bowling, cruise rides, thrilling rides, and so on. Zoos, Sanctuaries and Aquariums Visiting the zoos and sanctuaries in this region are an excellent way to enjoy with your family. The underwater world of Mooloolaba shows colourful marine life. Once you move here, you should start exploring these places, but the anxiety caused due to moving can be an obstruction. Thus, you should opt for removals in Sunshine Coast so that you can experience a stress-free relocation and can have a fresh start with your family. Markets and Shopping Centers In Australia, you will find artisan and farmer’s markets as well as air-conditioned shopping malls and cutting-edge fashion boutiques. However, in this place, you will get a bit of everything. From local markets, you can purchase handmade garments, artisan furniture, original artworks, jewellery and homeware. You can buy them to decorate your home.


Sunshine Coast is one of the best places in Australia to move with your family. This is because it is capable of fulfilling the basic requirements of a person, which is a job, education, and health. Apart from that, you get excellent weather, beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and countless places to spend quality time with your loved ones. It might not give you a luxurious lifestyle, but you get enough time to stay close to your partner and kids.