5 Household Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professional Help
young man looking in pain while lifing a heavy box

5 Household Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professional Help

Aug 19, 2019 The entire process of moving valuable household belongings from Sunshine Coast to other location seems to be painful. It requires both time and physical strength to pack and move precious items securely. Of course, you can handle some of the stuff that is easy to move, but what about heavy, expensive and large items. For that, you need to hire professional for safe and budget Sunshine Coast Removals. Since they have the right moving equipment and tricks, you can rely on them and experience a stress-free move within your estimated budget. But before hiring a trusted removal company in Sunshine Coast, make a list of belongings that are difficult to move. Today, we have enlisted five household items that need a professional hand for their safety and security during the move. Let’s get started!

1. Major Electronic Appliances

Relocating heavy household appliances needs proper planning prepping and human resources for lifting. It is impossible to move these appliances alone, and that’s why professionals are needed to do all complicated lifting job with safety. Whether it’s a refrigerator or a microwave, you need to be very careful while preparing them for a move. With the help of your Sunshine Coast Removalists, you can easily pack and move them to the new location without any damage or loss. For example: The average refrigerator weighs approx 350 pounds, while the washing machine weighs 200 pounds. For safe removal of these heavy items, you need help so that you can quickly load onto the moving truck without any damage. Your hired removalists know the right ways to disconnect and move electronic appliances without a hassle. They may even help you with the reinstallation process as well in your new house.

2. A Piano

A piano is undoubtedly one of the most expensive household items. This means you need to take extra care while moving it to the new location. Since an average piano weighs around 100 pounds, it becomes difficult to lift and relocate for a non-professional person. Plus, it is an expensive instrument; you can’t take the risk of losing it during the transition process. So, it is better to hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast who can handle this valuable belonging with extreme care and responsibility to make moving stress-free for you and your family. To moving a piano, they use advanced equipment that will make it easy and protect your instrument from damages. So, look for the moving companies who specialise in relocating grand pianos and other bulky items available in your home and offices.

3. A Pool Table

Are you planning to move your large pool table from one location to another? No matter how near you are relocating, lifting heavy pool table can be a real challenge for you. If you are moving for the first time, then you need some pros. However, moving a pool table not only involves a complicated disassembly and wrapping process but lifting heavy parts is also a tough task. In a nutshell, a pool table can weigh ups to 1000 pounds- which is one of the most cumbersome items to lift during the move. The task becomes even more challenging when stairs are involved. Fortunately, experienced moving companies in the city offers reliable and damage-free removal services which includes the lifting of heavy pool tables as well. Look for the best company and ensure safe and secure removal of your expensive pool table.

4. Televisions

There is no doubt that they have become thinner and lighter over the years; televisions can still be one of those items that are difficult to move. The worst part about these televisions is that they are incredibly delicate and can easily get broken during the loading or unloading process. That’s the reason why it is important to take professional assistance. They can pack your TV in a dense and thick padded blanket and provide an extra layer of protection to its screen using bubble wrap. Professionals know how to prep and move delicate and bulky items like television with precision and set you free to complete other essential tasks while moving like change of address checklist, finding new residential property etc.

5. Artwork, Antiques and other Fragile Items

Moving artwork and antiques is all about the right techniques. It is not all about wrapping them in bubble wraps. You need to be more precise and well-prepared while packing your fragile items. Since they are prone to damages, make sure you hire trained removalists in Sunshine Coast. They can securely wrap them using the best quality of materials and lift with extreme care.


Whether you are moving within Sunshine Coast or across the town, moving heavy and valuable household items is one of those tasks that need professional help. If you are not sure about which items need extra care and protection, then this article is for you. All these five items are difficult to relocate, and that’s why hiring experienced Sunshine Coast removalists become necessary. Choose the best company that can give you safe and secure removal experience with a 100 % service guarantee.