12 Moving And Packing Tips For A Smooth Move

12 Moving And Packing Tips For A Smooth Move

Dec 28, 2022 The stress of packing and moving is difficult to manage because there are multiple things to do within a stipulated time. Reasonable pressure is good to keep you motivated and excited to relocate. However, when you experience moving stress for a prolonged period, it affects your physical and mental well-being. Constantly high cortisol levels increase heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. Therefore, you can experience jitters, poor sleep, change in appetite, agitation, mood swings and many other problems. Therefore, you have to plan your move in such a way that stress is just a part of the process and not a factor controlling everything. Hire professional Sunshine Coast removalists to pack and move your things safely. Knowing the professionals will take care of your belongings significantly reduces your moving stress. Also, use these 12 moving and packing tips for a smooth move.

1. Outline Your Work

Moving without a checklist is a disaster waiting to happen because you can feel overwhelmed with things to do and forget important tasks. Therefore, once the moving date is set, get a journal, an app or software to create a detailed house moving checklist. Outline tasks according to importance and urgency, like changing address, hiring removalists in Sunshine Coast, setting up utilities, paying outstanding rent etc.

2. Start Small

Moving house is a major life change, especially when you have lived in a home for years. Therefore, feeling sentimental and procrastinating moving tasks is natural. To break the ice and get started, take up small chores and complete them quickly. It will help give you more control and mentally prepare you to relocate.

3. Pare Down Excessively

Hiring removalists in Sunshine Coast or buying packing materials is not cheap, which is why you must pare down excessively until you only have things you really need at the new home. Downsize your belongings by donating or reselling furniture and remove duplicates. Additionally, categorise things as toss, donate or resell to dispose of unwanted items responsibly.

4. Book Removalists 4-Weeks Early

Never wait until the last week to book professionals for your move because it will cause you stress and hassle. Removalists can charge more for last-minute bookings and moves on weekends. Start your search for removalists in Sunshine Coast at least 6-8 weeks early and book a service 4 four weeks before moving.

5. Choose The Right-sized Truck

You have to measure your furniture and moving boxes in cubic meters to choose the right size truck for a DIY move. Professionals can give you a rough idea about the best vehicle based on your house’s size, but getting measurements takes out the element of doubt.

6. Use Moving Equipment

If you are DIY moving, you will need moving equipment like furniture sliders, harnesses, straps, dolly, and more. Moving equipment are necessary to reduce the risk of injury due to contact with objects. Therefore, get them while planning your move to make loading & unloading quick.

7. Pack Essentials Boxes

Upon reaching your home, you will first need things from important rooms like the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, pack essential boxes from these rooms and label them open first. Remember, these boxes are different from essential bags. Also, ask your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast to load these boxes last and unload them first.

8. Pack According to The Weather

Before packing your belongings, check the weather forecast for the moving day. It will help you be prepared and pack your things safely for transit. For example, if it predicts rain on the day you move, then line moving boxes and furniture with plastic sheets to keep moisture away.

9. Set Up Utilities

No one wants to arrive at a dark house with no running water or gas. Therefore, take the necessary steps to connect or reconnect important utility services like electricity, gas, water, sewage, internet etc.

10. Don’t Get Oversized Moving Boxes

Most of your belongings will snugly fit inside small and medium moving boxes. Therefore, only buy a few large boxes because they will not come in handy and increase the risk of belongings toppling.

11. Fill Empty Spaces in Boxes

Aim to stock the moving boxes in a manner that allows little white space for things to breathe and adjust during handling or transit. But never leave too much space between items because they will jumble. Fill empty spaces with packing peanuts, newspapers, paper scraps or bubble wrap.

12. Create an Inventory & Label Everything

To keep track of your belongings and ensure everything reaches your new home, list all their details in an inventory. Additionally, make sure to label all the boxes correctly to let your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast know how to load and handle them. Additionally, it makes finding household items quick and easy.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is fun and exciting only when you have planned the process well. Therefore, hire a reliable removal service in Sunshine Coast to help you pack and move without hassle. Additionally, follow the tips above to have a smooth move.