10 Tips To Prevent Moving Day Injuries

10 Tips To Prevent Moving Day Injuries

Jul 07, 2022 Are you relocating soon and have a lot of belongings and furniture to move? Your safest bet would be to hire a professional removalist service on Sunshine Coast, as these experts have all the skills and training to move all your belongings properly. However, if you are keen on moving these items on your own, you should follow the below tips to avoid any mistakes while moving:

1. Plan Everything In Advance

You can avoid getting injured when moving your belongings by planning everything out. This will prevent you from panicking and running around in haste, making you more prone to injury. You should plan your moving strategy, when you want to move and what you will use to move your items.

2. Stay Active And Healthy

You must prepare your body for the move by doing some stretches every day. Warm up your body with cardio exercises like pushups and squats to strengthen your core to lift the boxes. This is a good injury prevention strategy to keep you safe while moving. You should also get enough rest every day and sleep on time. If you are exhausted, you will be distracted and more likely to get injured.

3. Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

You must pack your boxes according to the weight you can carry. Weigh your boxes before picking them up and check if they are too heavy for you. Ideally, a box should weigh around 40lbs, but if you have back issues, you should reduce the weight to 30lbs. A lighter box will also be easier to hold and load onto the truck.

4. Lift With Your Legs

Expert removals Sunshine Coast recommend that you should also know the proper lifting techniques when moving heavy furniture and boxes, such as:
  • You should always lift with your legs, not your back, to keep your back from straining.
  • Don’t raise the boxes over your head; keep them near your chest to see where you are going.
  • Don’t try to lift more than one box at a time and create more strain on your body.

5. Get Help From Friends And Family

Ask your friends and family to help you pack and move your belongings so that the work is divided. You can assign each person one box or carry heavy furniture and boxes together. Make sure you all take breaks and cool down with water and snacks.

6. Disassemble Furniture

Professional removalists Sunshine Coast suggest that if you have a lot of heavy furniture items, you should first disassemble them. This will make it much easier to carry, and you can fit it through any door and pathway. You can do this in the following ways:
  • Remove all the doors and handles from cupboards and drawers and wrap everything with plastic.
  • You can remove the arms and handles of tables and chairs and wrap everything separately.
  • Remove the headrest and sideboards of couches and beds, wrap all the parts, including the screws and bolts, with plastic wrap, and make sure you label everything.
  • You can also disassemble your electronic items and take photos to remember how to assemble them again.

7. Keep The Driveways Clear

When moving furniture and belongings, you must ensure that you clear the walkways and pathways along your house. There should be nothing lying in your path when lifting heavy boxes and furniture so that you don’t tire and injure yourself. Clean your driveways daily, sweep any leaves and dust out, and ensure the area is not wet or slippery. If it rains, you should wait till the area has dried before moving any boxes or furniture.

8. Get The Right Equipment

You must also have the right equipment for household items that are difficult to move. This will help you avoid injuring yourself and keep things organised. You can buy or rent equipment like dollies, racks and trolleys to help you move your belongings. A four-wheeled dolly will help you move big furniture, while a two-wheeled dolly will help you stack several boxes. You should also get moving straps to secure all the furniture and boxes tightly so that nothing is loose.

9. Wear The Right Clothes

You can also avoid injuring yourself while moving by wearing proper clothes and footwear. Wear long-sleeved blouses and gloves to avoid injuring your fingers and hands. You should also wear long pants to avoid scratches. Another good idea is to wear steel-toed shoes or any closed-toe shoes so that if something falls on your foot accidentally, it will be less painful than if you wear open-toe shoes.

10. Get Some Professional Expertise

The best way to avoid moving injuries is to call in the experts and have professional removalists on Sunshine Coast move all your belongings. These experts are well-trained and have the proper equipment to transport your loads safely. They also have insurance to ensure that if there are any damages while moving your items, the company will cover them. This will also give you more time to concentrate on other aspects of moving, like changing your address and shifting your utilities.


Follow the above ten tips to move your belongings and furniture to your new home in a safe way.