10 Tips On How To Move To A New Home With Small Kids

10 Tips On How To Move To A New Home With Small Kids

Jan 21, 2022 The relocation process is highly stressful and challenging. You have to deal with several responsibilities simultaneously so that you can finish them on time. Such tasks include packing, utility transfer, change of address, cleaning, etc. That is why the moving process becomes overwhelming at times. Adding kids to this mix will only elevate your stress level. You not only have to focus on the moving process, but also ensure the kids are safe and relaxed. That is why the majority of the parents of small kids hire professionals removalists in Sunshine Coast. They take the extra burden off your shoulder that let you focus on kids and other essential aspects of moving. Apart from hiring professionals, there are many more things you need to do. Here are ten tips on how to move to a new home with small kids.

1. Make Your Plans Properly

When you are moving to a new house with small kids, you first need to make a proper plan. Focus on every minute detail to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the moving day or after the move. When you have a proper plan, it becomes easier to manage all the tasks, and you also get enough time to take care of the kids.

2. Talk to Kids

Preschoolers or school going kids are old enough to understand that they are leaving behind familiar surroundings. So, as parents, you need to make sure that the kids remain safe, happy and relaxed throughout the process. So, talk to them often and tell them about the good things waiting at the new place. It is one of the best ways to make your house move less stressful.

3. Start Packing Early

Packing is the most time-consuming task of the moving process, and it can take even more time when you also have to take care of the kids. So, it is advisable to start your packing at least 5 to 6 weeks before you move. You get some free time when your kid sleep, play or watch TV. Use this time to pack your things. If you hire a reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast, you can also opt for a professional packing service.

4. Meet thePaediatrician

It is essential to meet the Paediatrician before you relocate, particularly if your kid has any health issues or suffer from motion sickness. You can get some valuable advice that can make travelling easier for the kid. Do not forget to collect all the prescriptions and other important documents.

5. Make Arrangement for Moving Day

Moving day can be very hectic for you, but more importantly, it can be risky for small kids. They can suffer from severe injuries and accidents when you are loading heavy appliances and furniture. To ensure their safety and avoid distractions, hire a professional babysitter who can ensure they remain inside a room until the loading process is complete. If you want to take care of the kids, hire seasoned removalists in Sunshine Coast.

6. Pack their Essentials

Do not forget to pack the essentials for your kids. The important items include medications, toys, extra pair of clothes, snacks, water, etc. You never know when you will need these items, so pack them all in one moving bag and keep it with you throughout the process.

7. Ask for Help

When you are moving with kids, it is not easy to carry out the house relocation process on your own. So, it is advisable to talk to your friends, family and ask for their help. From preparing meals and taking care of kids to disassembling furniture and loading the items into the truck, they can help you in many ways. If you do not have enough helping hands, contact certified removalists in Sunshine Coast.

8. Let the Kids Have Some Fun

You need to understand that moving can be stressful for kids as well. So you need to figure out some ways so that the kids can enjoy the moving process. You can leave some cardboard boxes in a room for the kids so that they can play with those boxes. When the packing is complete, allow your kids to colour and decorate the boxes.

9. Set up their Room First after Moving

Once you reach your new home and the unloading process is complete, the first thing you need to do is set up the kids’ room. It will allow them to stay inside the room when you will unpack everything and organise the rest of the house. If you are taking the help of professionals for unloading, make sure you find a good removals company for your move.

10. Explore the New Place with Kids

It is always advisable to visit the new home and neighbourhood before relocating there. If it is only a few hour drive, then take your kids with you and explore the place. Visit the school, playground, marketplace and other such areas. Also, meet your new neighbours and allow the kids to interact with the neighbours’ kids. The more familiar they will get with the place, the easier it will be to settle down.


Moving to a new house with small kids is always difficult and stressful. However, you can make things easier for you by using removalists and following the tips mentioned above. That is how you will keep an eye on your kids and ensure your belongings are safe. As a result, you will experience smooth removals in Sunshine Coast.