10 Genius Ways To Save Money On A House Move

10 Genius Ways To Save Money On A House Move

Feb 02, 2023 Sunshine Coast is widely regarded as one of Queensland’s most loved tourist destinations where you can sunbathe on Mooloolaba Beach, walk along the rainforests of the Noosa National Park and explore Mount Coolum. With a population of 365,000 in 2023, this gorgeous destination in Australia remains popular for people moving homes and has a vacancy rate of 0.5%. But, moving homes on the Sunshine Coast can burn a hole in your pockets if you do not set a budget and use money-saving tactics. Therefore, if you are moving to the Sunshine Coast and want to keep a tab on your expenses, you should first see how much it costs to live here. Once you have calculated your living expenses, you should use tips by removalists Sunshine Coast to save money when relocating here.

Cost of living on the Sunshine Coast

If you are planning on buying a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home on the Sunshine Coast, the median cost will be around $1,892,500 and the median cost of renting a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home will be $1,000 per week. Besides this, you will also have to consider expenses like groceries, eating out, transportation and utilities, which can add up to 1,266.6A$ to your rent as a single person. If you are a family of four, your expenses will add 4,657.2A$ to your rent. To help you save money for your rent and expenses by avoiding unnecessary moving costs, here are ten expert tips:

Tips To Save Money While Moving Homes

1. List Your Moving Expenses

You should start by listing your moving expenses to set a budget and stick to it from day one. To set your budget, you need to:
  • Calculate the average price for each moving task.
  • For instance, if you are moving with removalists on Sunshine Coast, your median cost of moving a 3-bedroom home could be $1,001.93.
  • Include expenses like petrol, buying new items and meals while moving.
  • Keep some buffer money for these expenses in case of untoward incidents.
Here are some unexpected moving costs you should also keep in mind. Once you list your expenses, you will know how much you have to save for your move while also covering your daily costs.

2. Book Your Removalists in Advance

If you are moving with professional removalists Sunshine Coast, you need to book them in advance. You should start looking for removalists as soon as you know your moving date to get cheaper deals and discounts. When hiring these experts, ensure you have three to four estimated quotes and pick movers with the most experience and credibility who will offer you top-quality work.

3. Pick Your Moving Day Wisely

When hiring removalists on Sunshine Coast, you should choose your moving day and time wisely to save money. For instance, choose a weekday to move as the removalists are less busy during these times and might have reduced rates. You should also schedule your move for the early morning so that you won’t waste time and money sitting in traffic.

4. Declutter Your Items to Save Money

Now that you have set your budget and booked your removalists on Sunshine Coast, you should start decluttering your house. The best way to do this is to go through each room carefully and separate items you want to keep in one box and items you don’t need in another. This decluttering process will help reduce your moving load so you will need fewer movers and can cut down your expenses. If you find it difficult to declutter your belongings, you can use the below tips:
  • Separate your favourite items first
  • Get rid of duplicate items in your home.
  • Remove items you haven’t used in the last 90 days.
  • Analyse the value of your items to see what is more important
  • Bid goodbye to items you won’t need in your new home

5. Sell The Items You Do Not Need

Once you have decluttered your belongings, you will have a box of items you don’t need. You can make some extra money off these items by selling them in the following ways:
  • Host A Garage Sale with reduced prices
  • Sell your items online on local marketplaces
If you still have a few belongings, you should donate these items to a local charity or NGO. If any of your items are in a bad state or broken, you should contact your local bin collection services to pick and dispose of them properly.

6. Arrange Free Packing Supplies

Before packing your belongings, you should arrange free moving equipment to lower costs. If you move with removalists Sunshine Coast, they will bring their own packing supplies, and you won’t have to worry about these costs. But if you are packing your belongings yourself, here are some useful tips to save money:
  • Ask your grocery store for sturdy produce boxes
  • Arrange free boxes with dividers from your liquor store
  • Request your family and friends for used packing tools
  • Use newspapers and sheets in place of bubble wrap to pack items

7. Pack Your Items Carefully to Save Space

Now that you have started packing, you should utilise all the free space to save money on buying new boxes. For instance, you should nest smaller items into bigger items to save space. You can use your suitcases to keep books and heavy items and empty small bathroom and kitchen equipment in laundry baskets and containers.

8. Ensure You Have Moving Insurance

Most removalist services on Sunshine Coast have insurance coverage which will help protect your items while on the move. But if you are moving by yourself, you should go online and look for contents insurance for your items. This can save you a lot of money if any of your items get damaged while moving.

9. Cancel Your Subscriptions And Utilities

You should also cancel your old subscriptions and utility services so you are not paying for double services in your new location. You should look for utilities in your new neighbourhood that offer initial discounts and cheaper rates than your previous services.

10. Prepare A Meal Kit For Your Moving Days

Lastly, get rid of the food in your fridge in advance to lighten the load and help save money. Plan your meal kits for your moving days, so you do not waste money on eating out and groceries. If there are still some food items left on your moving day, donate them to a food bank.

Wrapping Up

Using the above strategies, you can plan your move to the Sunshine Coast and not worry about the expenses. It is also a good idea to buy furniture from second hand stores to save money for your rent and living expenses. Once you have unpacked and settled in your new home, you can enjoy the beauty of this warm and vibrant city.