10 Easy DIY Moving Tips

10 Easy DIY Moving Tips

Jun 23, 2022 Are you planning for an upcoming move? According to the ABS Census, around 43,000 Australians relocated to regional areas from metropolitan or capital cities in 2020. Make sure you do thorough research before making your final home relocation. Most people think that local moves do not require planning and professional assistance. This is a wrong mindset, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The process requires a complete checklist, proper preparation and time management skills. It is good to hire professionals for safe removals in Sunshine Coast. They will take care of your precious possessions and give you peace of mind throughout the process. However, if you don’t want to take a toll on your pocket or a tight budget, keep these 10 DIY moving tips in mind for a safe and easy relocation process.

1. Create a Complete Checklist

A DIY move or self-moving can be stressful if you do it without preparing a complete checklist in advance. The process is beyond packing and loading household belongings. You need to take care of numerous tasks for a smooth transition. From sorting household belongings to arranging necessary packing supplies, updating a new address booking a rental truck, packing delicate items, and taking parking permits, you have to manage these tasks before the final move out. So, start by creating a moving checklist after evaluating your specific needs.

2. Look for Helpers

Lifting large appliances, heavy furniture and delicate items can’t be managed alone. You could end up with serious injury and accidents. It is also possible to lose precious possessions. The best thing is that you can ask your friends, family and neighbours for voluntary assistance. You can also find trusted labour professionals in your local area who can safely carry your large household items.

3. Book a Rental Moving Truck

If you are not hiring a moving company, you will need to rent a truck for hassle-free transportation of all your household belongings. However, finding the right truck size is crucial because it requires calculation and some knowledge. Here is a quick guide to help you discover different sizes of trucks according to your home:
  • For a 1-room house or apartment: 10-16 ft rental moving truck is good as it can carry all your household belongings and leave extra space as well.
  • 2-room house: Book 12-22 ft moving truck depending on your specific needs.
  • 3-room apartment: 16-22 ft long rental truck would be ideal.
  • 5-room home: You can look for a truck that is 22-26 ft long.
You can also opt for a rental trailer. Make sure you check that your vehicle is capable enough to carry the load.

4. De-clutter Your Household Items

Try to move only the necessary or wanted items to your new abode. This will not only reduce the moving load but also save you a lot of money. Start by de-cluttering your closet and wardrobes. Make a list of items you no longer need but are in good condition. Make sure you sort items room by room to stay organised. Make sure you separate those items that you want to take with you. Do not forget to donate gently-used clothes, electronic items, furniture and other goods you no longer need to charitable organisations.

5. Arrange Packing Supplies

Whether relocating within Sunshine Coast or across the new state, make sure you arrange all the necessary packing supplies for the utmost safety of your belongings. You should arrange or buy packing paper, bubble wrap, corrugated boxes, wardrobe boxes, plastic bags, packing tape, foam pouches and cushioning supplies. You can also hire professional removals in Sunshine Coast for a quality packing service for the safety of your belongings.

6. Start Packing As Soon As Possible

It is good to start the packing process at least 7 weeks before your moving day. Start by packing seasonal clothes and items you do not use on a regular basis. You can begin with non-essential items to streamline the process.

7. Prepare Large Appliances and Furniture

Clean your microwave, fridge, oven, dishwasher, coffee maker and washing machine before getting into the packing process. This will help you pack effectively and efficiently without causing any damage. Also, dismantle large furniture pieces, such as a dining table, double bed, chairs, etc,  after reading the instruction manuals. This will assist you relocate heavy furniture pieces and you will lift them without any shoulder injury or joint pain.

8. Arrange Moving Equipment

Of course, your friends assist you in lifting heavy boxes and large items, but you need proper tools to help you carry or move large belongings easily. So, rent a moving dolly, furniture straps, and other equipment that can simplify your lifting task. Also, follow the right techniques when carrying huge items.

9. Pack a Moving Day Kit

Do not forget to pack your moving-day kit when relocating home. Make sure you pack it before the final moving day. Prepare a bag and put everything, including toiletries, toothbrushes, first-aid kit and other prescribed medications, credit cards, night suits, food and water bottles, a pair of clothes, extra clothes for your kids, toys for your kids and pets, bed linens for your pet, a couple of blankets or bed sheets, and other necessary items.

10. Label Your Boxes

Streamline your unpacking process by labelling all your boxes after completing packing. This is a crucial step and tip that protect your delicate possessions from getting lost or damaged.


These are 10 simple yet effective tips to support your DIY moving decision. Remember these hacks and safely transit your belongings. You can also hire trained removalists sunshine Coast for your precious possessions.