10 Common Moving Scams And How To Avoid Them

10 Common Moving Scams And How To Avoid Them

Apr 03, 2023 Do you know Australians are the most mobile people in the world? According to the statistics, four in ten people change address every five years. This means around 15 per cent of people relocate every year. Fortunately, the majority of home and office moves are made with ease, but a few complaints have been registered against moving companies in Sunshine Coast over the last few years. Scam companies find loophole in the system and trap customers by offering cheap services or heavy discounts. Being an aware consumer, you need to watch out for all potential red flags and do proper research before hiring the most reliable removalists Sunshine Coast. It is important to address 10 common moving scams and find the right ways to avoid them. You must be extra careful, especially if you are moving for the first time. Let’s Get Started!

1. No Written Estimate /Pricing Quote

A scam company never provides you with an estimated quotation. They will conduct their business operations and offer you a quote over the call and won’t visit and inspect your household belongings personally. This is one of the biggest red flags many may overlook when finalising the moving company. An experienced firm provides an estimated quote after inspecting your household belongings. They will come to your place, check all rooms, and offer you a quote depending on the two factors:
  • The number of belongings you will be relocating
  • The distance of your move
So, it is a big no-no if they refuse when you ask them to provide you with a written estimated quote.

2. Unprofessional or Low-Cost Estimation

Some scammers are one step ahead and can give you a quote or a low-cost estimate. Such estimates are not based on the weight of your belongings or the distance of your move. The estimate may also seem unprofessional to you if there are no breakups of the total moving cost. Some may even provide you with an extremely low-cost estimation to trap you. On the other hand, professionals weigh all the items, know the distance of your move and provide you with a professional estimate. They break up the overall cost and mention the transparent pricing policy to help you make the right decision. You can calculate the cost of affordable removals and look for the best option within your estimated budget.

3. High Deposits Before the Moving Day

A good moving company never asks you for large deposits or cash amounts before moving you. If they do so, you need to register a complaint against them. If you pay in advance, you have no control over the safety of your moving process. This is one of the biggest scams you must know when hiring a company for safe removals in Sunshine Coast. Note: Do a proper research and shortlist three best companies and compare their pricing policies and quotation.

4. Denies From Showing You Their License

A fraud company always denies from showing you their license. Some clever ones may present you with a document. You need to open your eyes and check whether the document look authentic to you. Such companies can create fake licenses and prepare websites to lurk customers. It is always good to remember that a reliable moving company is AFRA-accredited. Also, their moving trucks are registered and licensed. The best thing you can do is to ask your friends and relatives for genuine recommendations. They may suggest reliable names that are fully-licensed and certified.

5. The Name Change

Some scammers are so pro that they conduct businesses under new names to hide their fraudulent activities. They try to act smart but you can also find their unsolicited activities if you know your rights as a consumer. If you want to avoid this, ensure the company has a local address and information about licensing and insurance. They should also be listed in the Australian Better Business Bureau.

6. They may Ask You to Sign A Blank Contract

If you have shortlisted a moving company and they ask you to sign a blank contract, step back immediately. They may misuse your signature and fill in any details against your wish or acceptance. This is a serious issue and you should be aware of this scam when searching for the right company. It is important to sign a moving contract once all the details and quote are filled in. There are many other things no one tells you when moving house. So, keep your eyes open and keep researching for the best deal.

7. Ask for  Other Additional Fees In the Middle of the Process

Are you living in a two-story residential property? You will likely be charged additional. The estimated quote includes everything, including extra fees or charges. However, some companies can hide the additional charges and ask you to pay during the process. So, it is good to ask in advance so you are not hit with surprise charges. Clear all the clause so that you won’t get into any argument at the end of your move.

8. They are Vague About Insurance Coverage

All moving companies in Australia must assume liability for the value of transported items.  In addition to this, you should be aware of two different types of liability. Ensure you receive the booklet from removalists related to the insurance policy or protection coverage. If the mover is vague about exactly what liability level your items will be relocated under, then will need to re-think and understand the red flag. Companies usually offer released value protection and full protection to their customers. The released one is already included in the service while the full value protection can be availed to protect your belongings. So, clear your doubts and know the types of moving insurance and their benefits for your peace of mind.

9. Extremely High Packing Costs

If you pack your belongings, the Sunshine Coast Removalists are not responsible for the damage. That’s why people hire professionals to pack their stuff. Many companies leverage the benefit of this situation and charge high prices for boxes and other packing materials, including the time and labour. It is good to hire a full-service moving company where professionals comes to your place, pack your stuff, load and transport everything in a streamlined manner. This way, you will get the accurate quote in advance.

10. Uncertain Terms and Conditions

You may overlook this scam because no one reads terms and conditions. They might provide you cheap rates but add a clause that the price depends on the situation during the move. This means they can add extra charges in the process. So, read all the terms and conditions before signing the contract.

Wrapping Up

These are the 10 most common moving scams you should consider when hiring the best company for the safe relocation of your belongings. Use the above information and don’t get scammed by fraudulent.