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Better Removalists Sunshine Coast has been providing Quality moving services in Sunshine Coast and its suburbs. With our team of trained & verified local movers and technical know-how, we make removals Sunshine Coast a stress-free experience for you. Call at 1300 766 422 and get a 10% discount Instantly on your first booking!

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Budget Removalists Sunshine Coast

Our removalists Sunshine Coast are always ready to assist you with your removal needs. We provide a wide range of removal solutions within the Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas. We also offer interstate removal services for those planning to move to another city or state.

From the moment you contact our customer support team to the delivery of your possessions at the given destination, we offer undying attention to our customers. You can also contact us to find answers to your queries regarding the removal by contacting us at 1300 766 422.

We do not just offer a truck and a removalist team to our customers. We also provide the support of our friendly customer service team that is ready to help you whenever you need them. They customise the removal process and book a specific date and time for the allocation of removalists and a truck. They also provide storage solution services if needed.

Better Removalists in the Sunshine Coast can move everything like delicate antiques, bulky office furniture, a piano, pool table or fridge. Our well-trained removalist team is dedicated to providing quality, efficient and on-time service. Our removalists Sunshine Coast provide top-rate services, including packing, transportation, unpacking, etc. We can take the stress out of your move. So, book us for an affordable removal today!

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Local Removalists Sunshine Coast

Home or office removals can be expensive and time-consuming. You can easily eliminate this burden by hiring our affordable and reliable services that include packing, transporting and storage. Better Removalists Sunshine Coast provides a complete removal service for all clients at reasonable prices. Our customer service team supports you at every step of the way, and our highly-trained removalists pack, unpack and transport your belongings safely. Let our efficient removalists team help you with all that is involved in removals in Sunshine Coast. Whether you want to move down the street, to the next suburb or anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast, we guarantee you that our team will help you move to the new destination on time.


Interstate Moves From Sunshine Coast

Planning to move interstate? Better Removalists Sunshine Coast offers cost-effective long-distance removal and storage solutions. We can move all types of household and business items across Australian states without delay. Our affordable interstate service is carried out by insured and trusted professionals who have been transporting treasured belongings for a long time. Our removalists Sunshine Coast provide a well-organised service that protects your possessions from dust, dirt and damage during transit. We use covered trucks with ample space to stack the boxes efficiently to avoid falling during jerks and bumps.

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Why Choose Better Removalists Sunshine Coast?

Relocating a house can be a tedious job for those who are doing it without any professional assistance. Whether you are moving within your locality or shifting to a new state, make sure you do everything with perfection. That’s where Better Removalists Sunshine Coast comes into play. We are one of the most trusted removalist companies in Sunshine Coast offering a complete range of packing, moving and storage solutions at the most reasonable price. We have years of local as well as interstate moving experience and take pride in delivering top-quality results. You can also hire our packing experts to pack and un-pack your treasured items carefully. They will take care of your belongings and protect them from being damaged during the entire relocation process. Our core practices, proven moving strategies and customer driven approach have made us one of the leading moving companies in Sunshine Coast. We will make sure you will get the smooth, effective and stress-free moving experience throughout your journey.
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Local Furniture Removalists Sunshine Coast

Better Removalists Sunshine Coast offers the best and most reliable removal service, which does not burn a hole in your pocket. Our well-trained team members are adept at providing furniture removals on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are moving out of a small house or an apartment, we make sure that your belongings remain unharmed during the move. Our removalists disassemble the large items and pack each part separately to be assembled at the destination. We use equipment like trolleys and sliders to move out bulky furniture from the doors and alleys without damaging the wall paint or wooden floors. You can trust us with your prized furniture because we deliver it in the same condition at the destination.


We Can Safely Relocate Your Belongings

The moving trucks used at Better Removalists Sunshine Coast are big enough to accommodate the contents of a mansion. We also have smaller trucks to help families and individuals living in small units move with ease. Our drivers are fully verified and licensed. They are experts in transporting furniture and office equipment across long and short distances. Our highly-trained and efficient removalists in Sunshine Coast organise everything and make the process stress-free for you! Our team makes sure your belongings are protected during transit and reach safely to the new house. You can even take advantage of the basic transit insurance if any unforeseen event affects the delivery of the baggage.

Packing Experts on Sunshine Coast

Our removalists Sunshine Coast ensure that all your belongings are packed efficiently into high-quality packing materials and boxes. It eliminates the risk of damage to your belongings while they are packed and transported to the destination. Working professionals often find it hard to pack their stuff with other tasks to be completed before vacating the rental property. Our removalists help in this regard, and can be booked online with the help of our friendly and efficient customer service team. They answer your questions, help you schedule the removal for a suitable time and keep you updated about the belongings in transit. You can rely on us for full-service removal in Sunshine Coast.

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Have any Question?

Following are some of the most general questions asked by our existing customers. Read them and get better clarity about our services.

Better Removalists Sunshine Coast recommends booking your removal right after you have decided on the moving date. You can contact our customer service team on 1300 766 422 and schedule the removal. If you get delayed due to some reason, it is ideal to book two weeks in advance to get the date of your choice. It is essential because the booking date depends on the availability of the crew members, trucks and the tools needed to complete the task. If you decide to do it at the last minute, you must inform us 48 hours prior to the move to organise everything.
Labelling is an essential part of our packing task. Our removalists Sunshine Coast ensure that every box is labelled correctly. We use different colour markers for different rooms for quick identification. The team is also vigilant about the breakable materials and labels these boxes as fragile so that they are handled carefully while loading and unloading by the team members. We take the help of the customers for the correct labelling of the boxes so that they are not unpacked in the wrong room at the destination. Also, we cover the labels with transparent tape so that they do not get removed during transit and create confusion.
Yes, we recommend that the customers inform us about the size and type of property for the costing part. Besides the estimate, we need to know if the house has staircases and is multi-storied or single-level. We need this information because it will allow us to equip our crew with the required tools to bring the furniture down the stairs or the multiple levels. For example, a two-level house with stairs will need tools like sliders and dollies to get all the stuff down from the upper level without any damage. Our team is trained to use equipment for delivering your stuff safely.
The total time taken to complete the move depends on the existing property size, the time it will take to transport the belongings and the number of items to be moved. If you want an accurate time for your removal, please contact our customer service team on 1300 766 422. They will be able to assist you with the customisation of the removal process and provide you with the exact cost and timeline. On average, local removals do not take more than one day and interstate removals do not go beyond3-5 days, depending on the distance between the two properties.
Yes, Better Removalists Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of sturdy packing boxes. These include:
  • Corrugated boxes with insulated inner walls for items that are fragile and breakable, such as glasses, crockery, chinaware, bottles, etc.
  • High-strength boxes for accommodating clothes of all shapes and sizes, such as coats, jackets, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, etc.
  • We even provide special packing boxes for expensive and valuable clothing like wedding gowns.
  • You can also get boxes to pack your fixtures and appliances like fridges, TV, computer, washing machines, etc.
  • We have boxes with compartments to make sure the glasses and ceramic plates do not bang against each other during the move.
Yes, you can! Our packing team will help you with all that you want to be packed and leave after the job is done. You can then transport and unpack the belongings on your own. Our customised pricing aids in choosing selected parts of the removal process and paying only for the service availed rather than paying a standardised price. The cost for our packing service depends on the number of boxes needed for the task, crew members required to finish the job and other packing supplies like tape, packing paper, labelling material, bubble wrap, plastic sheets, ropes, etc. Our robust packing ensures that your stuff stays safe without any risk of damage.
Yes, we can move pool tables without any hassles. However, it is best to let our team know beforehand about such requirements so they can bring the correct tools and equipment to complete the task.
  • Our removalists Sunshine Coast wear gloves to make a strong grip on the piano.
  • They cover the keyboard and secure it to avoid opening during transit.
  • The next step is to cover the piano with a moving blanket to avoid any scratches, scraping, or dents on the surface of the instrument.
  • Four of the crew members hold the four corners to distribute the weight of the bulky item and carry it using the right techniques to avoid any mishaps.
  • If the piano has to be moved down the stairs, they use a dolly to move it over uneven paths. The piano is securely placed over the dolly so that it does not move or slide away.
No, we do not move paints and paint thinners. It is our policy not to move any hazardous items or dangerous substances that can catch fire quickly or cause damage to other items if they spill during transportation. Thus, we do not move chemicals, firearms, petrol, kerosene, etc. If you have any such items, you need to move them with the help of specialists who transport hazardous substances. If it is not possible to get them moved, you must discard them or donate them because we would not be able to transport them. Besides these, we can move every other household item or business asset without any fuss.
Moving heavy furniture is a part of our removal process and we do it with proficiency and skill. Our removalists are trained to move the sofa, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables and other such items out of doors and down the stairs without damage. They use furniture sliders and dollies to move the bulky items without scratching the wooden floors or damaging the staircase or the doors. They know the techniques of manoeuvring the big objects sideways or in a vertical position to move them with minimal stress and risk of scratches and scraping. We are fully equipped for the task.
Yes, Better Removalists Sunshine Coast offers storage services to both residential and commercial clients who wish to keep their belongings in the warehouse for sometime. You can choose the period for which you wish to keep your stuff at the storage facility. The cost depends on the periodof storage. Our professionals provide pickup, packing and delivery of the items that need to be stored. The packed goods are transported to the secure warehouse, which has all the security systems in place. Thus, you can rest assured about the safety of your belongings from theft, pests, rodents, rain, heat, etc.

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